Meet Brittney

IMG_0001Brittney Jarrett is the current Miss California, Woman of Achievement!

Her journey battling with depression and anxiety lead her to research, discuss with professionals, find a community of people who were struggling and ultimately create My Inner Critic. It is her mission to educate the battle of the mind and motivate people to push aside their doubts, fears, and limitations so they can reach their greatest potential. She is raw, real, and ready to show the world what they can achieve with some inspiration and guidance.

Aside from her title and My Inner Critic, Brittney is the Hollywood Journalist for Inspiring Lives Magazine. She interviews celebrities, famous life coaches, and inspirational women making a difference in the world. You can find this magazine at your local Barnes & Nobles across the US.

You will notice that Brittney’s Instagram (@brittney.jarrett) and most of her blog posts consists of photographs from various photographers. She is a Freelance Model who expresses her creativity by telling a story through her images and her content. For inquires, please contact her on her Instagram directly.

She will be hosting a podcast, My Inner Critic with Brittney Jarrett, here soon. So be on the look out!