Therapy: Does It Help?

It is an amazing feeling when I see more and more people speak out about their struggles with mental health. The negative stigma is still intact, however, change is just around the corner. People are beginning to open their eyes to the reality that depression and anxiety is out there and at large. There is a time in everyone’s life where these little demons find their way in. Some are lucky to only experience these internal struggles in times of crisis. Unfortunately, there are many of us that have a constant battle of the mind that at times interfere with our daily living.

Today, I want to discuss with you a natural way to mend your crippled mind that some may find absolutely terrifying: Therapy.

Don Don Don!

Therapy has it’s own stigma in society. Some people feel that if you go to therapy you are ‘sick’ and your last resort was to find professional help. Usually that is when people do decide to buckle down and go. Others feel it is unnecessary and they can figure their sh*t out alone. While these answers may seem true in the minds of those who are stubborn, I have a different outlook on it.

I have battled with depression and anxiety my whole life. After high school I would visit my doctor frequently to try and solve the mystery behind my body’s constant refusal to accept medication. While some medication did help in certain times of my life, in others it made symptoms worse or didn’t seem to work at all. I found myself being very depressed about taking anti-depressants. Why was nothing working?

I had thought about therapy from time to time and always felt it would be beneficial but never making the necessary steps to find my perfect Phycologist. I had other things I needed to worry about. This was my first mistake. I was focused on every other aspect in my life that I wasn’t focused on myself and what I needed. Medication was my quick solution to feel I was doing something to help with my internal struggles even when it wasn’t working.

Let me make one thing clear when it comes to mental health. EVERYBODY is different – we are all wired differently, therefore, we all find different solutions to deal with the body we live in.

I am a huge advocate in doing what you believe your body needs to get yourself to a better state. Whether it is taking medication for a certain amount of time or finding a hobby that helps keep the chemicals in your brain in check. Your brain is VERY complex and you will find it mindboggling the power you have over yourself through the way you use your brain.

What I know for sure: Therapy can help EVERY single person!

No matter the circumstance, talking out loud to someone else releases stress and many times will help you realize things you didn’t observe before. Taking some time out of the week to talk to a professional is helpful to get your brain going. When you get your brain going you experience certain epiphanies. Having a professional is vital because they have studied different mentalities and know the right questions to ask that will bring out some realities you may have been avoiding or somehow never realized. It’s quite astonishing!

First Things First

Ask yourself this: Do you want to help yourself? No one can help a person that isn’t willing to help themselves. Trust me, there were times I was stubborn and wanted to deal with everything on my terms. Once I realized that holding my tension inside was completely tearing me apart I began to do my research. More importantly, I began to break down my walls and open up to other solutions. The first step is admitting you don’t have all the facts and you cannot always see the problems that someone from an outside perspective can point out. You always have room to grow!

Finding Your Match

Word of advice – Don’t just go to the first therapist that pops up on your Google search engine. Many insurances have specific therapist in their network and even with that DO YOUR RESEARCH. Realize that Therapists are human too and sometimes you have to find the right therapist that connects with you on a professional intellectual way. There is one out there, you just have to find them. Trust me, this will benefit you greatly since you will feel more comfortable. Ask your friends if they have a reference or find a support group on Facebook. The answers are out there waiting you just have to ask the right questions.

Keep in Mind

You have to go in with an open mind. Put your ego aside for a moment and allow yourself to listen, observe and FEEL. Letting others in is hard, especially someone you don’t know personally. Remind yourself, a therapist is there to guide you through your own thoughts not fight you. They are there to dig inside your hidden cracks and release the tension you probably feel physically on a daily basis. When you are stressed and your mind is constantly on edge your body will make sure you feel the pain. Releasing that tension through communication is like healing a broken bone. At first you need assistance, then you begin to heal and figure out how to keep healthy on your own.

Psychologist Vs. Psychiatrist

It is up to you whether you decide to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist. A psychiatrist has the capability to write prescriptions so some people are turned off by therapy thinking their psychiatrist won’t really listen but rather write for medication and send you out the door. If that’s the route you would prefer to go, more power to you. They are able to find patterns to best match your symptoms with the proper medication. Personally, I prefer a psychologist. In my experiences, we were able to converse about life and past experiences that helped me realize how I was channeling my energy. I was able to figure out why I reacted to situations the way I did and how to properly handle them in the future. A psychologist may recommend that you see a psychiatrist and in that time you can decide if you want to or not.

This is your life. Don’t spend your time trapped in your own misery. Get out there, observe, and educate yourself so that you can actually start enjoying your life to the fullest!



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